Hardwood Log Suppliers

We buy from anyone who can supply green hardwood that meets our rigorous quality standards. New suppliers must fill out a W-9 before logs can be entered for payment. Checks will be mailed every other Friday.
(Minimum quantities required)

For the most current log pricing please call our log buyer Scott Taylor at 207-343-1035.

Basic Specifications:

  • Logs must be fresh cut
  • Acceptable logs are 10″ and up, no less than 8’6″ of sound material
  • All logs except railroad ties are 8′, 10′ or 12′ with 6″ of trim
  • All limbs must be trimmed flush

Acceptable Logs

A quality product starts with quality logs. Logs that do not meet our quality standards will be rejected. Save time and transport costs by learning about our quality standards before you send logs to Sebasticook Lumber.

Quality Standards: 

  • Spiral Seams will be culled
  • Limbs 1/3 the diameter of the small end of the long are unacceptable
  • Surface defects can disqualify the log from being veneer
  • Ring shake, star hearts, cat faces, knots, grain, mineral, and bird peck will be downgraded/discounted
  • Deductions and downgrading after 1″ of sweep/8′ of log (double swept small logs will be culled)
  • Bores and wormtrack will be downgraded, 50% deduction will be culled

Logs not meeting specifications will be scaled as mixed hardwood pallet. Logs with 2 limbs greater than 1/3 the diameter of the scaling cylinder with less than 7′ of log below will be paid as mixed hardwood pallet with deductions.

Unacceptable Logs

Parts and Equipment Vendors

If you’re selling parts and equipment, please fill out a contact form. It’s the quickest way to reach us. Due to the nature of our business, unsolicited sales calls can pose pose a health and safety risk.

Please make an appointment before visiting our location.